Yoga Leggings That Are Eco-Friendly

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It is easy to assume that yoga brands sustainable yoga clothes have ethical practices. I mean ahimsa. It is not always the case. If people were not supporting smaller brands and start-ups that are authentically, there wouldn’t be a rising number of yoga and activewear brands.

The yoga leggings contain a type of plastic called polyester, which can end up in the ocean. What should an eco-conscious yogi do? It is not possible to do naked yoga. We suggest you look for brands that give back to the cause by using recycled materials.

Here is a list of brands that are making positive changes in the fashion industry while producing high-quality yoga-wear that you will fall in love with.

Liquido Active

Sweatshop-free in Brazil, pays above industry standard, provides health insurance, and 30-day vacation for its employees. The recycling program uses energy saving machinery. Tiffany and I collaborated to raise money for a foundation that addresses India’s human traffickers. All items are limited. Their fabric is soft and stretchy.

Price Range: $28 – $109

Shop: Women, Men, Kids

Mika Yoga Wear

They manufacture in a small family-owned factory. They don’t use models in their photographs. There is a line of solely recycled fabrics.

Price Range: $5 – $144

Shop: Women, Men, Kids

Niyama Sol

Production processes are Eco-friendly. The fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and post consumer products.

Price Range: $54 – $148

Shop: Women, Men


100% produced in the USA. The effort is being made to find appropriate recycled fabric that is appropriate for printing. The designer draws all the artwork.

Price Range: $20 – $98

Shop: Women, Men

Chandra Yoga and Active Wear

A donation is made with every product sold. Designers from third world countries are able to earn a good living because of this. Legal working age employees are only employed at factories that provide good working conditions. Patterns for their clothing are created by several nationalities and body types. Whenever possible, recycles.

Price Range: $35 – $43

Shop: Women

Daughters of Culture

Their fabrics are made out of recycled polyester. They get their products from small businesses in the US. It uses recycling programs to reduce waste.

Price Range: $38 – $142

Shop: Women


Freedom of employment and association; safe working conditions; child labor protection; fair wages; reasonable working hours; non- discrimination; anti harassment regulations; and an environmental and waste management policy are included in the ethics.

Price Range: $15 – $150

Shop: Women

Beyond Yoga

The ethics was made in Los Angeles. They recycle items and products in their facility. Every season a portion of sales from their maternity collection goes towards an organization. A strong effort is made to promote body confidence.

Price Range: $50 – $148

Shop: Women

Solo Sol Movement

$1 from every sale goes to a charity that saves and rehabilitates animals. The print is designed by the founders.

Price Range: $50 – $82

Shop: Women, Men, Kids

First Base

The WRAP is certified as ethical. Ensuring standards are maintained for the employees in each facility is done bi-annually. Their website has a list of their suppliers. They recycle in their head studio. They use 100% organic cotton whenever possible and all performance activewear is made from recycled fibers.

Price Range: $23 – $136

Shop: Women

Did you shop from any of these yoga brands?

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Is sustainable shopping? These fabrics are Eco-friendly.

7 pairs of leggings to go from yoga to drinks are included.

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Liquido Active, Mika Yoga Wear, Niyama Sol, WERKSHOP, Chandra Yoga and Active Wear, Daughters of Culture, L’urv, Beyond Yoga, and First Base are all pictured.

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