Yoga Democracy Sustainable Activewear Review

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It shocks me how many yoga apparel companies want to talk about peace and love, but don’t address the massive pollution problem that the fashion industry has on our environment…

I fell in love with Yoga Democracy, a yoga apparel brand that makes consciously created yoga gear for women made from recycled plastic out of the ocean. I wanted to share my admiration for them with my peers.

This brand caught my attention when I saw it on the board.

Yoga Democracy uses recycled plastic water bottles and plastic pollution from the ocean to make clothing.

A zero waste, closed loop manufacturing process can be created by Yoga Democracy.

I asked for a coupon code tie dye yoga clothes for you to use to get this outfit for myself, and then I ordered it.

I have the code for you, use it for 20% off your order. I got you, I got you!

You can read my honest review of the sustainable activewear from Yoga Democracy.

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Sustainable Activewear: Rustica Printed Sports Bra

I confess, I have been wearing this top for almost every day. It is so comfortable.

The vintage floral print is smooth and silky, and it wicks sweat away like a champ, so it is a must for all active, hard-working women.

I appreciate the high neck line for the long days of hiking, climbing, and skating in the sun to protect my skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

The cut out in the back of the top helps me keep cool in the summer heat.

It has the perfect amount of compression that keeps the bounce factor to a minimum without causing back pain.

Sustainable Activewear: Rustica Print Bell Bottoms

Shout out to Yoga Democracy for doing high waisted leggings.

All the way to my waist! Thank you, yoga democrat!

The bell bottoms fit well on the waist and thighs and have a great flair at the bottom.

The print is flattering for your curves.

I feel like a superhero in the babies. The bell bottoms were saved.

Graphic from

The good, the bad, and the cute of yoga democracy.

The Good

  • The fabrics are made from recycled plastic.
  • A closed loop manufacturing process is created by collecting excess materials.
  • The dyeing process produces a vibrant color with no white on stretching.
  • It keeps the stankiness at bay.
  • Activewear made in the USA 🇺🇸
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging 🌎
  • Sweat Shop Free 💛
  • UPF Protection 🌞
  • Super Cute 🌼

The pants are long They are designed so that the stitching won’t come undone and you can make a raw cut to the bottom. I am so scared to ruin them that I have been too scared to cut them. I’ll let you know how it went.

The Super Cute

Did you know that recycling can look and feel good?

This outfit is easy to pull together.

The performance is perfect for hoop dancing. I put on a cute pair of shoes with a little eye liner and go out for a walk. It’s perfect.

There are talks about how to live more sustainable.

Tips For Ordering Yoga Democracy

  • Bell Bottoms have been designed to fit snug.
  • For long-term satisfaction, refer to the sizing chart specific to the product.
  • All of their US and Canadian customers can receive a free hemming service.
  • 30 Day Return/ Exchange for online orders.

Code WILDFLOWER will save you 20% on your order.

How to make your own cleaning products.

There are tips for caring for yoga.

The longer we can keep our items out of the trash, the better.

Be sure to care for your yoga democracy sustainable active wear.

  • Machine Wash 🧺
  • Air Dry 🌬

Travelers who don’t like creating plastic waste have 8 essential items.

Would I Buy Yoga Democracy Clothing Again?

Yoga Democracy makes their clothing tough so it’s my go-to for everything from rock climbing to roller skating.

I love how cute this top is.

It is often over 120 degrees in Las Vegas during the summer season.

I will still get outdoors and climb at some of the shaded crags tucked away at higher elevation. It’s important to have clothing that can handle sweaty climbing.

They are even chlorine, sun cream and oil resistant. It is basically a dream.

I will be ordering more sustainable yoga gear from Yoga Democracy. Quality clothing from this brand will last a long time.

Use the code WILDFLOWER to get 20% off your order from Yoga Democracy!

I know how hard it can be to find sustainable and socially responsible brands and products. I hope you found this review helpful.

There is a review of yoga democracy made from recycled plastic water bottles.

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