Top 8 Wine Chilling Brands in Malaysia in 2022

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There are wine fridges all over. It can be seen in every establishment around us. Every restaurant, pub, and cafe has a wine fridge.

Intrigued? It is not necessary to have a wine fridge at home to keep your wine chilled. Here is a list of the top wine fridges.

1. Tuscani Bellona 40 Bottles Wine Chiller

Image credit: Lazada

It’s good for cooling wine. It is easy to use and has a large storage capacity that you can use to store wine.

Specification: Voltage/ Frequency: 220V / 50Hz

220V / 50Hz Power: 85W

85W Temperature Range: 5-18°C (Single Temperature Zone)

Net Weight (Kg) is 38 kilogram

: 38kg Warranty : 12 months

: 12 months Size Available: 500mm x 800mm x 582mm

✅ Long warranty

✅ Easy to use

Price: *RM1,688.00 – RM2,095.00

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase best propane generators

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The WKB 1712 is a barrique wine fridge.

Image credit: Shopee

It has a unique handle design that is made of an ergonomics and provides you with a smooth and soft handle.

Specification: Materials: Steel, Ergonomic slimline (handle)

Steel, Ergonomic slimline (handle) Color: Black

Black Voltage/Frquency: 220-240V/ 50 Hz

Wine range from -5C to +20C.

+5°C to +20°C Warranty : 2 years

Size available is 85 cm x 66.0 cm x 67.0 cm.

✅ Large capacity

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

3. Grubel GWC-TP18BK Wine Chiller

Image credit: Shopee

It is possible to keep your wine cooler with the Grubel GWC-TP18BK. It has a long warranty.

Specification: Materials: Stainless steel (racks)

Stainless steel (racks) Color: Black (cabinet)

Black (cabinet) Net weight: 15.2 kgs

15.2 kgs Power: 220-240 V/ 50Hz

1.2kWh/ per day is the average electricity consumption.

The temperature range is 80C to 180C.

8⁰C – 18⁰C Warranty : 24 months

: 24 months Country of Origin: German

The German size is 648mm x 355mm x 512mm.

✅ Strong bearing function

✅ Large capacity

✅ 5 stainless steel racks

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

4. Berjaya-Premium-Wine-Cooler-Wine-Chiller

Image credit: Shopee

Berjaya is a brand in Malaysia. It keeps your wine fresh. It is suitable for restaurants, bars and even your home.

Specification: Materials: Stainless steel

Stainless steel Color: Black

Black Net Weight (kg): 90kg

90kg Voltage / Frequency (V/Hz): 220 – 240V/50Hz

The temperature range is 220 to 250V and 50 to 100Hz.

The rated input power was 75w.

75w Warranty : 1 year

The 1 year size is 595mm x 680mm x 1770mm.

✅ Longer warranty

✅ Stainless Steel Door Frame

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

Hisense Wine Chiller has 30 bottles.

Image credit: Shopee

It has a cool function. The rack is made of wood and can hold large bottles of wine.

Specification: Materials: Wooden (Wine Rack)

Wooden (Wine Rack) Color: Black

Black Voltage/ Frequency: 220 ~ 240 / 50Hz

The temperature range is from 220 to 50 C.

: 5C twma 20C Net Weight: 27.8 kilogram.

27.8kg Warranty : 2 years

: 2 years Size Available: 844mm x 490mm x 489mm

✅ Elegant design

✅ Strong materials

✅ Large capacity

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

6. PACIFICA Wine Cellars Raphael PTW10

Image credit: Shopee

It’s small and compact size is favored by many, it can be placed at home all while being able to store a moderate amount of wine bottles.

Specification: Color: Black and Silver

Black and Silver Warranty : 24 months

: 24 months Power input: 70W

70W Temperature range: 10-18°C

500mm x 475mm x340mm is the 10-18C size.

✅ Suitable for a whole family

✅ Eco-friendly, no CFC-based coolants

✅ Mirror-glass-tinted UV protection layer

✅ Thermoelectric cooling system

✅ Soft internal lighting

✅ Low power consumption

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

Aerogaz Wine Chiller AZ-12C has 12 bottles.

Image credit: Shopee

It is suitable to be placed at home. It has a high cooling function.

Specification: Color: Black

Black Voltage/Frequency: 200V-240V/50Hz

200V-240V/50Hz Power: 70W(25⁰C )

70W(25⁰C Warranty : 1 year

The size is 500mm x 470mm and has a low power consumption.

✅ Good to cool the wine

✅ Adjustable temperature control

✅ Thermoelectric refrigeration

✅ No vibration

✅ Internal light

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

8. Wine Chiller WKB 4112

Image credit: Shopee

It is large enough to hold a lot of wine. It’s perfect for hotels where you need to serve a lot of people.

Specification: Color: Black

The temperature range is between +20C and +5C.

There is a warranty of 24 months between +20 C and +5 C.

✅ Contains more than three racks

You can carry up to 6 wine bottles.

✅ LED lighting

*Prices may vary at the time of purchase

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Why should you buy a wine chiller?

  • Wine can be kept at the ideal temperature. Mini fridges and house fridges are either too cold or hot to keep wine at an ideal temperature.
  • If you only need to store a few bottles of wine at a time, a wine fridge is a great option.
  • A wine refrigerator is a good deal when compared to setting up a wine cellar.

It’s practical for any wine lover to use a wine fridge. It is possible to preserve the wine better than a box. The wine can be kept fresh if the temperature is 55 degree celsius to 57 degree celsius. Wine lovers, get yours today for fresh and delicious wine.

The list was compiled by the team at My Weekend Plan after extensive research and shared opinions. If you have any other great suggestions, please email us, the brands are in no particular order.

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