How to Choose the Best International SIM Card for Your Travels

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Travelers, digital nomads, and remote-working professionals want to stay in touch while traveling abroad. This can be fixed with the use of an international data sim card.

If you are in the game of traveling the world or simply working remotely, an international sim card is likely on your radar. If you want to use your phone and access data while on the road, you need a sim card that will allow you to use a local phone number international data sim europe.

Over the last two years, the number of people working remotely has gone up. An international or travel sim card will allow you to connect when you need it most, and has become commonplace for those who travel and work.

Every device we own and access holds information that we need to admit. Your mobile carriers can recognize your phone within the network if you have a sim card. If you are moving around and traveling, you need an international sim card.

An international sim card is a great alternative to manually connecting to local networks when you are on a business trip or living and working abroad.

The reliability factor with easy access to local networks is something that portable routers and pocketWiFi don’t have. Most global sim cards reduce or eliminate international communication costs.

It is important to do your research before making a decision, so we will discuss the pros and cons of using a sim card to connect while traveling, the criteria to take into consideration, and the top market alternatives to choose from.

International SIM Pros and Cons

It’s important to have a reliable connection to business and family while on a trip. You should have a good idea of the benefits and drawbacks of an international sim card.

International SIM Card Pros

There are a lot of reasons why you should use an international sim card.

You only pay for the texts, calls, and messages that you use, not the ones that you receive. Your carrier will deduct money from your card when you make a call. If you get a call from your co-worker after hours, you don’t have to pay because it’s free.

Free Incoming Calls

You don’t have to pay for who calls you, even when you answer, if you have an international sim card. The global sim card eliminates the high rates and fees that international communication has always had.

The Application of Local Rates

It is possible to save up to 90% on communication costs when travelling with an international sim card. Paying local data rates can save money for people who use their phones frequently.

You need to be compatible with your devices to use a travel sim card. Most laptops and tablets work with international sim cards, but be sure to check them out before you buy them. You want to make sure you have a connection when you arrive.

Purchasing a global sim card won’t empty your wallet. Depending on what you want or need from your sim card, the cost can be as low as $10 to $50. Talk and text time is not included in some cases.

International SIM Card Cons

You will want to make sure the pros outweigh the cons when buying an international sim card.

Most companies don’t force you to add money to your account every month, but some do. This won’t be an issue if you travel a lot. If you use your phone once or twice a year, the fees can add up. You will want a provider that doesn’t allow your credit to expire.

International SIM Phone Number

Ask your provider what type of phone number you’ll get. Some companies provide a UK and USA number and then offer the option to add numbers from other countries. You need a plan that works for you.

Roaming charges for answered calls may or may not be caused by forwarding your phone number to your sim card number. You don’t have an international sim card and a high phone bill if you don’t have a roaming card.

Criteria to Select Your International SIM Card

There are a few things that you should consider when choosing a travel sim card.

The best type of sim card for you depends on where you are going. If you travel to just one country, you can purchase a country specific sim card.

Take the length of your trip into account, and then add up the number of texts, messages, and data you receive in that time frame. It is safe to say that you will use the same amount when traveling, and that you can plan your package accordingly.

It is crucial to consider funding when buying a travel sim. If you don’t add enough cash to cover your data use, you could be in a serious spot during the meeting.

You can save a lot of time and money when you travel with a travel sim card. If you know what you need to get out of your phone, you can move on.

Now that you know international sim cards pros and cons, as well as main characteristics to take into consideration when buying and using one, let’s go through the most popular alternatives in the market

You can save up to 80% on international data with this card. It has high-speed 4G for more than 120 countries.

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How the service works

All unlocked devices can use KeepGo’s data sim card. It’s as easy as plugging it into your device and changing your service on your phone. If you cross borders with this kit, you don’t need to swap cards.

Main plans and cost

The kit comes with 1gigabyte.

  • There are multiple data plans and options to choose from.
  • No throttling for 4G LTE
  • No filtering
  • No data expiration
  • Coverage in over 120 countries
  • Instant activation
  • Fits in all mobile devices that are unlocked
  • Data-only
  • Must be refilled once a year
  • Won’t work in less-traveled countries
  • There are 10 gigabytes of data that is expensive.

See KeepGo’s reviews and analysis for further information.

The international sim card from Knowroaming offers affordable calls to over 200 countries. The kit comes with $10 in free credit.

How the service works

This card is more of a sticker than a card. You can apply the Global SIM Sticker to your phone. The Knowroaming app will allow you to enjoy roaming capabilities. Use it when you need it.

Knowroaming has an actual sim card for devices that are not compatible.

Main plans and cost

  • Virtually all devices are compatible with the card.
  • Excellent customer service
  • A wide range of countries for use
  • Users can receive calls abroad if they subscribe to the optional service.
  • The sim sticker is not compatible with many devices.
  • Device must be unlocked to use either product.

How the service works

Get data at rock bottom rates when youunlock your phone. The Teppy card is great for solo travelers with a budget.

Main plans and cost

The Data Plan has 20GB of data in Europe and is valid for 14 days.

  • Connect in 85+ Countries
  • SIM triple cut (nano, micro, classic)
  • Plug and play Sim solution
  • 4G LTE speed
  • No commitment or contracts, pay-as-you-go
  • Data works only in Europe
  • It has only one plan for 20 gigabytes.

See Travelwifi’s reviews and analysis for further information.

The service is unique in that you can choose a fully international sim card, as well as an American, Asian, and European one. Depending on what you want to use the service for, the rates can vary a lot.

How the service works

The TravelSIM website has credits for this service. The card can be plugged into an unlocked device.

Main plans and cost

Depending on your home country, traveling country, and whether or not you want to utilize limit-free roaming, the plans for TravelSIM vary a lot. You can get a rate by visiting the TravelSIM site.

The SIM cards themselves cost $16 each.

  • Unlimited calls to the USA and Europe
  • Reliable 3G speed
  • Works in 170 countries
  • Fast delivery
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free incoming calls and messages
  • Airtime ends in 12 months

A variety of options and local rates are included in the service. A variety of sim cards, including a chip, are included in the service.

How the service works

The eSIM can be downloaded to a specific device. The regular sim is ideal for dual sim phones because the chip works well in single sim devices.

Main plans and cost

The starter kit for eSIM is $399.99. Depending on the country you plan to travel to, the local rates can be very high. The data plan for Japan is $44.10.

  • Free 1GB of data with starter kit
  • Local rates make it easier to save money.
  • The rates are better and cheaper.
  • Only available in 150 countries
  • Less than ideal coverage

See Flexiroam’s reviews and analysis for further information.

Airalo has local rates with a variety of data packs in over 100 countries. This service has regional services as well. Airalo is a completely e-SIM-only service, which could be useful for travelers who don’t want to deal with getting an unlocked phone or constantly changing phones.

How the service works

Airalo is a service that does not require a physical card. To begin the installation process, you need to download the Airalo app.

Main plans and cost

Local plans vary from country to country. You can buy 1gigabyte of data for $3 in France. The regional eSIMs are more strict. There is a Eurolink plan that has onegigabyte of data for $5.

  • There’s a wide variety of local and regional plans to choose from.
  • Most of their plans are cheap and easy to use.
  • They only offer local services in around 100 countries.

See Airalo’s reviews and analysis for further information.

This is a good service if you need more than one number.

How the service works

Plug them in and you’re good to go. The unlocked phones can be used with the eSIM.

Main plans and cost

OneSimCard eSIM is $9.95, OneSimCard Universal is $29.95, OneSimCard Europe & More is $19.95, and OneSimCard expedition is $34.95 Rates can be different from country to country. Outgoing calls cost 25 cents per minute and data costs 1 cent per MB.

  • Option for more than one phone number
  • Extra coverage where available
  • Free incoming calls for most countries.
  • Optional WiFI calling app
  • Contract-free

Travelers who need to receive text messages can use the service.

  • Some plans are limited in their features
  • Europe & More SIM is direct dial only
  • Live technical service can be improved

The reviews and analysis of the One sim card can be found here.

The 4G speed data plans are divided into two separate regions. You can add additional funds whenever you need them, after you receive a global phone number.

How the service works

It is easy to choose a multi-destination plan if you are traveling to multiple destinations. You can purchase a sim card and use it right away.

Main plans and cost

Depending on the amount of data you want, prices range from $9 to $175. They have a website where you can replenish your credits.

  • Airtime lasts 18 months, which is longer than most.
  • No hidden charges
  • No connection fees
  • In 135 countries, there are free incoming calls and free texting.
  • Over 340 networks globally
  • Less-traveled countries seem to have higher plan costs
  • Most plan costs are fairly pricey
  • The GoSIM website is buggy and can be difficult to reload.

It is possible to use a sim card to connect to the internet to work and have conference calls while traveling. Have you ever used an international card? What was it like? Tell us in the comments.

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