Garage Door Panel Repair or Replacement?

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It can be difficult to repair a garage door. Replacement costs, materials, and curb appeal are some things to consider. Does your garage door need major repairs or just a quick fix?

Garage Door Panel Repair or Replace?

The sectional roll-up garage door has at least three hinged panels. One of the panels can be damaged by a car. The weather, wind, and age may be to blame. What should you do if a panel or two of your garage door doesn’t look right? Is it better to fix the garage door or replace it?

Age of Your Door

Your door’s age will affect your decision. The lifespan of a garage door is about 20 years. If yours is only 10 years old, you may want to just repair it. If you don’t find a used piece for sale, you will have a hard time buying a single panel for an older door since it must be similar in size and weight. Changing the appearance of your door due to weather exposure will make it more difficult to match.

The garage door safety and energy-efficiency have been updated in recent years with features like electronic eye sensors, pinch-resistant doors, automatic reversing mechanisms and high-quality insulation. It is the best option for your home’s curb appeal.

Cause of the Damage

The cause of the damage is a factor. Small scratches, dents, rust patches garage door broken springs, cracks, or warps can be caused by normal wear and tear. If the problem is confined to one of the panels, consult with a professional. It is possible to repair your garage door panel with wood, paint, and/or a strut.

If the door was struck by a car, someone tried to use the automatic opener when the door was locked, or the garage was hit by an earthquake, the damage may affect more than the individual panel, and could endanger the safety of anyone using the garage. Even if the damage isn’t apparent, the essential mechanisms may have been compromised. Even though you can open the door, it can be difficult to close it.

Cost to Repair or Replace

The cost to repair your garage door panel depends on the serviceperson’s hourly rate. The minimum wage is one hour’s wages. Installation of a new panel starts at $250 for the simplest panel, up to a high of $700 or more for a more elaborate panel. The garage door replacement cost, including labor and supplies, is about $1,000. Determine which solution is the most cost-effective by checking what is covered by your warranty.

Safety First!

Safety is paramount when weighing costs and benefits Don’t open and close your garage until you can fix or replace the door. If you don’t take care of the garage door panel repair quickly, it can become more serious. A small dent can lead to cracking and permitting water penetration and rusting. The best-case scenario is that you have to replace the garage door. You could be endangering your family’s wellbeing by opening the garage entrance to your home.

Do you know if garage door replacement is covered by your local building code?

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