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EcoCult gets a small percentage of the sale price if you make a purchase from one of the affiliate links. A small fee may have been paid by some brands. We don’t recommend brands that we don’t like. Our editorial work needs your support. Many yoga and running companies have a personal stake in preserving the spaces we need to refresh and relax in. It means that we have lots of choices when it comes to ethical and eco-friendly activewear. You can find brands made with a blend of organic cotton or hemp ethical yoga clothing and a little bit of synthetic fiber. Natural fibers are better for the environment than synthetics. You don’t have to wash merino after you exercise because it is sweat-wicking and odor-fighting. Hang it up and let it go. It is easy to find recycled synthetics. No matter what the health experts say, recycled plastic clothing is not toxic. It probably goes without saying, but you want something that is high-quality so you can wear it and wash it over and over again. Customer reviews are a good place to look for how well something works after a month of gym sessions. Non-toxic dyes and finishes are not good for the earth. Look for natural and non-toxic alternatives. Try to avoid the use of toxic durable water repellers on outdoor gear. You should check for fair labor practices. Fair Trade and SA8000 certifications are important for brands that prioritize transparency. We like to shop for sustainable brands.

The leggings, bras, and shorts are made from recycled plastic bottles and old fishing nets. Everything is made ethically in a SA8000 certified facility, where workers are guaranteed fair wages, safe and healthy conditions, and zero forced or child labor.

B-Corp tentree creates sustainable apparel that is ethically manufactured around the world. The most eco-friendly materials are recycled, organic cotton, and Tencel. Every time a customer purchases an item, tentree plants 10 trees in 10 countries around the world It has introduced eco-friendly solutions such as eliminating polybags from manufacturing shipments and using recycled paper for inserts.

OEKO-TEX-certified, recycled plastic bottles and carbon-neutral fabric are used in the production of Wolven’s products. It partners with NativeEnergy to offset their operations footprint and choose more eco-conscious packaging to ship products to their customers. WCA certified the Chinese manufacturing partner for labor, wages, work hours, health, safety, and environmental practices.

The tasc Performance brand is based in New Orleans and uses materials like organic cotton, sustainable bamboo, and merino wool. Its products include anti-odor, anti-bacterial, and more.

Icebreaker uses mostly natural OEKO-TEX certified merino wool, with the goal of completely eliminating all synthetics in its products by 2023 In order to ensure strict animal welfare, it establishes long-term relationships with its growers. 30% of its suppliers have been with the brand for a decade or more. The company audits its factories frequently for things like waste management and labor practices.

The Teeki line is made in the U.S. and is made from recycled water bottles.

Summersalt makes comfortable and stylish clothes. Many of its garments are made from recycled materials. Summersalt’s products are shipped in bags made from recycled materials.

Men and women are able to wear Threads 4 Thought activewear. It uses profits to support the International Rescue Committee, and it has fair working conditions.

Groceries Apparel makes active and loungewear out of recycled plastic and cotton. It has a factory in Los Angeles where it can keep a close watch on worker wellbeing, as well as cut down on waste.

With a responsible, honest, and modern ethos, the label designs ethical and high-end clothing, shoes, and accessories. The brand is pushing towards circularity and sustainable design. The collaboration combines sportswear with fashion innovation, symbolizing high fashion and top performance with love for the planet.

yoga mats, headbands, and other sustainable accessories are available at prAna. Everything is certified Fair Trade as well. Preference will be given to post-consumer waste content by the year 2025.

Whether you are going for a hike, climb, ride, or yoga class, you can find a wide variety of athletic wear at Patagonia. It is made with recycled and natural materials and sewn together in fair trade factories.

The fabrics used in Manduka are made from recycled, organic, and plant-based materials. The fabrics are designed to increase comfort. You can buy yoga mats and towels, cork blocks, and other gear.

Rescue Plastics uses recycled plastic products to make its activewear. You can get a credit towards future purchases if you return your previously purchased clothing to be recycled into new apparel.

The company was founded in 2008 to provide comfort basics and unique clothing for daily use. The brand works with several small family-run businesses in the area to make its clothing and jewelry. The brand sources certified organic cotton that is dyed using low-impact reactive dyes.

Vertical Activewear is an on-demand brand made from recycled and plant-based materials. The Vertical Activewear pieces are shipped using recycled materials.

The brand is working to ensure that 80% of its materials are made with sustainable fibers by 2020. 25% of its products use water-saving techniques You can learn more about their practices and goals here, and just make sure to check the fabric before buying to make sure it is eco-conscious.

The only activewear brand we have found so far is Arms of Andes. The brand was started by a brother and sister who were brought up in the U.S. The way that alpacas have evolved to live in high altitudes has led to the high-performing nature of the wool. It is great for hiking and other outdoor adventures because it is easy to adapt to temperature changes. It is wind-resistant, odor-resistant, and more. Royal Wool, the finest and most luxurious wool, is only 1% of the exported Alpaca wool, but it is still the most luxurious. This is the reason Arms of Andes clothing is so soft.

The yoga democracy tops, shorts, and leggings are made from recycled material. 10% of its net profit is donated to environmental causes worldwide. Every scrap of material that passes through the shop is turned into something useful. Responsible fabric manufacturers sewed its garments. Many of its products are made to order and have a short lead time.

Don’t forget to capture your microfibers!

Many of the brands above use recycled materials, which is great because it means less plastic and less virgin materials used. You still have the problem of microfibers that break off and enter the water when you wash your clothes. If you want to cut down on the amount of microfibers that end up in the water, try one of these tools.

If you own a washing machine, you can grab this Microfiber Filter from Girlfriend Collective that can easily install onto your machine.

The Guppyfriend Washing Bag can be used at the laundromat or taken with you for travel if you don’t have a washer. Put your synthetics in the bag so they don’t get washed out. It is $30.

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